Monday, December 13, 2010

You're dead to me Liz

Liz Hurley has always been one of my favourite actors / models ever since i was quite young. I still held her in such high regard right up until this morning.
Then i heard that she is dating Shane Warne.

Devastated. Absolutely devastated. She is forever tainted and i don't think i can ever look at her again.



Mars said...

you should tell her. on twitter.

Kris said...

As an ignorant American, I am assuming the picture is of Shane and not Liz.

kiki said...

Shane Warne is a retired Australian cricketer
Liz Hurley is Liz Hurleyifa

kiki said...

liz hurley is liz hurley

Kris said...

I am familiar with Liz Hurley..but this Shane guy looks pretty kooky. I understand your feelings.